Sunday, July 5, 2015

Eight is Great For Hyrum!

Hyrum is Eight!! and first off, here's his quotes:

Hyrum "I'm Bored." Papa (looking around the dirty kitchen) "I have an idea." Hyrum (knowing jobs are coming) "NO" and runs outside.

We have an army that is so strong. It is stronger than A Diaper... or a Rhino, Cause Rhino's are so large.

Don’t do that daniel or you might die. Do you know what dying is? It means no more fun.

Everyone put on your cutest smiles so she will say yes

"Does God give all the boy babies to the moms that don't work?"

I'm following you around because I don't want to be alone, but I don't want to be where Daddy is, because I don't want to clean.

Smiles make you lie. At least Daniel smiles when he lies.

Monsters are real. Oh wait that was Mumma.

Daniel, can I tell you something that is true? If you read too much, you die because you talked too much. Daniel “Well you can read in your brain, and then you won’t die”

Maxwell”Out of the kitchen unless you’re working” Hyrum “Out of the kitchen unless you’re snitching? Okay yum!”

The army leader said “I just have one thing to say to you. All live.” “Olives? Are you hungry?” “No ALL LIVE!” “Olives?” “NO ALL LIVE!!!”

Realtors are human. Seriously, they are.

There’s a game where inside Maxwell is a city, so they cut down trees but those are his muscles so they are killing him.

Daniel “I can’t unbuckle my seatbelt!” Hyrum “Du da duh! I am here; you’re personal super hero to save you from your seatbelt!”

“Maxwell, you’ve got to try this! It’s dangerous and awesome!”

No one knows that I’m not irresistable. 

If you don’t wash your hands you will die.

I want the fruit that looks like an apple with a bum. (nectarine)

Mom you made two babies cry, but now i need you

What happens when you brain goes completely rotten?

Please no momma. Please sparkly please?

Me “Hyrum, right now you just lost your temper and screamed at your brother. The Hyrum I know talks calmly.” Hyrum “Yah, I know that Hyrum too, Hyrum Peavoy—- heh heh heh”

And as it was his eighth birthday, he got baptized!

We had the missionaries over a few times

I really loved Hyrum having that experience. I think I will try to get all my boys to be taught the discussions before baptism.

He got baptized on Tuesday by his papa, and I was one blessed mumma.

Hyrum is such a joy in our home. If someone needs to be cheered up, Hyrum notices and rises to the challenge. He's sensitive and loving. He's creative and makes up whole worlds in his imagination. He's a clown and entertainer. He's honest and want's to do what's right. He is so kind to animals, and is tenderhearted. He has the ability to empathize with people and animals in a way that I'm sure not very many eight year olds out there can. He's dramatic, packed with emotion, and his own person, and I would not have him any other way.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daniel's Just so cute!!!

I took this video a year ago and it's still my favourite. I was not expecting him to say "I love you" but it is typical delightful Daniel. My quiet, sweet, thoughtful boy. (Well, quiet for MY family.)

For his birthday we had a pirate party, and I actually decorated a cake!!! Be impressed. Be very impressed. I think this was a first for me.

and now QUOTE TIME!!! Love it.-

"I don't want the rest of my pizza. Can I just give it to the ants?"

Rachael "What do you what to be when you grow up?" Daniel "I want to be a special boy. I'm a special boy right now too."

Auntie Bear "Would you trade your new born baby brother for a chocolate bunny? A chocolate bunny the size of William?" Daniel (with a serious yet untrusting look) "Yes."

"Mumma, I love to jiggle your squishy tummy."

"Jesus puts all the moms on an island and then they come back to the doctor and that's how they get babies."

Daniel "Why don’t we have cereal anymore?" Daddy “Because we’re trying to be healthy” Daniel “Being Healthy makes my throat hurt.”

Daniel "There is a bad smell behind me" Dad "That's your bum, go take a bath." Daniel (excitedly) "Oh yah! Thanks"

Daniel "how do you know?" Daddy "Becaues I'm an old man"  Daniel 'old men don'know anything"

"I know what lady bugs eat. They eat the bugs that live in your hair. "

With peanut butter on his lips "Mumma! William got into the peanut butter!" Me "did you have some too?" Daniel"Well, yah."

"When you eat blue candies it makes your eyes blue, but when you have chocolate, it makes your eyes brown."

"Don't clip all my nails, cause I need to be able to pick my nose."

"This was in my pocket but it teleported to over there."

"I’m part slug cause i like shiny stuff."

“Momma  we can kiss on the lips because we have the same germs. I was inside of you and you gave me all your germs and now i’m out of you and we have the same germs!”

I don't like that song. It's messing up my brain. Songs always mess up my brain except the song "I'm a m-m-m-monster! I'm a m-m-m-monster!"

"Monster's are real. I can sense them. Well, I actually can't sense them, but there's a little ghost telling me there are monsters."

"Don’t dye your hair, cause then I won’t know what mom is mine"

Daniel “I don’t like that food” Me “you don’t like anything” Daniel “that’s not true, I like chocolate, candy, and bananas.”

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maxwell is growing Up

Maxwell turned 10. My baby is now 10. Crazy. He sure is growing up. I feel like I wasn't very good at recording quotes this year because there's not as many as usual, but I guess it could be that he is also more mature about what he says. Well, Here's Maxwell's quotes of the year:


"Hyrum, you need to move over. You are bursting my bubble."

"Oh yah, I was just trying to think that."

"I'm glad it was Hyrum that wrecked that and got in trouble. I'm usually the one breaking things."

"The song daddy made up went viral in our family." 

"I got out of the habit of snitching treats"

me "did you hear the thunder last night?" Maxwell "No, I was snoring."

"I want it to be cool.  It doesn't have to be awesome awesome awesome, just cool."

Maxwell (9) to William (2)...... "William, I don't know what you want... go whine to daddy."

"Daniel really needs his toe nails to be cut. He just scratched me."

"Thank thee for even the things that distract us from thee."

"I'm a bit like you mom, I'm a bit of a control freak."

Monday, October 13, 2014

I know what it is to be called a liar

I was watching a documentary on the Book of Mormon today, which made me think a lot about Joseph Smith and all the accusations slandering him, and I realized that my faith in the prophet, and my distrust of his accusers has risen to a whole new level, and I will tell you why: I know what it is to be "slandered."

Now, I am not putting myself on the same level as Joseph Smith, don't get me wrong, but I've realized how people can twist and manipulate and create an alternate reality. Here's the story:

First, you must understand where I live. I live in a teensy tinsy town in the middle of nowhere. We are about 80% members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And we don't sell alcohol. You can buy alcohol 14 minutes away and bring it here, and the golf course and some other recreational facilities can sell alcohol, but that's it.

Some people (members of the LDS church and non members alike) petitioned to town council to get a vote to allow alcohol sales in town. This would be the first step in getting the Province to change our alcohol laws.

Now, it should be noted that there is a Native American reserve across the street from our town. They are also "dry." Their doctors, elders, and Chief in council are all against alcohol, and some sent letters to our town asking us not to vote for alcohol.

I personally was against changing the law. I have three adopted brother-in-laws with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Two of whom live with us for most of the year and are going on permanent government assistance. I also have a good friend whose mother was an alcoholic, but was too poor to buy alcohol when she was pregnant with him, and he does not have FAS. Clearly accessibility matters.

Anyway, it was a heated debate to say the least. Dustin and I kind of became the main lobbyers against alcohol.

I swear we were very careful not to get demeaning or mudslinging, but that can't be said about our opponents. We got hate mail. We got threats. We got bullied. We got prank calls. We got political mud slung in our face. We had people trying to stop our efforts in every way they could think, and we were called liars.

We were told that some people were for anything we were against, and that they were against anything we were for (there were other issues on the ballot.) This only proves that this was not about principles or ideals, but about pride and power.

We also had people trying to get as many people as possible to agree with them that we were wackjobs. No matter what you actually thought about alcohol or the other issues, you must hate the McKays. It was ridiculous.

And all we did was send out a few flyers and hold an alcohol information meeting.

In the end, Alcohol got voted down 2:1. I don't know if anything we did actually impacted that, but hey, we felt like if there was a chance of making a difference, than we better do something.

But really, even after it's all over, being called a liar still bugs me. Here's what happened:

I thought the best argument for alcohol, was that if people have to drive to get alcohol, that on the way home they would be drunk, making the roads unsafe. So I did a ton of research, and I found out where I could get the impaired driving records for Alberta's police outposts so I could debunk this notion.

Sure enough, our area had pretty low impaired driving records. Low enough that I made a chart showing the town how good we had it compared to other towns near us. And I put the source, so people could look it up themselves. This was the data I used to make that chart (My town is Cardston:)

Now, each town had 2 or 3 police outposts, and one would have no data, and one would show data. Only the outpost that you checked would show up on the result page. So someone pro alcohol said we were liars and "proved" this by posting this on Facebook:

There's no way that this guy didn't know that he was deliberately deceiving others into thinking Dustin and I were liars.

Was his table correct? Well, yes. Did it prove we lied? Well, sorta. Did we actually lie? NO FREAKING NNOOOO! 

Here are some points I would like to make clear:

  • Dustin and I didn't even know we were being called liars for awhile.
  • We were done with defending ourselves against these people anyway.
  • Surely, we thought, most decent people would look at the situation and do one of the following: 1-realize who was calling us a liar and realize that he had his own agenda. 2-would know who we were and know that we were not liars or 3-Look it up themselves and realize what actually happened.
  • Us assuming 1, 2, and 3 was a bit naive and I'm sure good people thought we were liars. We then defended ourselves a little bit a little bit too late.

And now, this gets to me thinking about Joseph Smith. Especially when it gets to things like polygamy, you can go on the internet and things get real ugly real fast. But people have always hated Joseph Smith. I'm sure there were people who felt defensive. They didn't what to be told they were wrong.

I'm sure that there were people that were for anything he was against, and that they were against anything he was for.

I'm sure that he had people trying to get as many people as possible to agree with them that Joseph was a wackjob. No matter what you actually thought about religion, you must hate Joseph.

And I'm sure that when he was accused of something, some of this might have happened:
  • He didn't even know he was being accused of something for awhile.
  • He was done with defending himself against these people anyway.
  • Surely, he thought, most decent people would look at the situation and do one of the following: 1-realize who was accusing him and realize that these people had their own agenda. 2-would know who Joseph was and know that he was not a liar or 3-Look into it themselves and realize what actually happened.
I do know that the only man who actually compiled every bit of PRIMARY source documentation on Joseph Smith and polygamy that there is out there, decided to get baptized AFTER compiling it all. So people who actually looked into it themselves (and I'm not talking about secondary info here) believe Joseph is not a creep. Hmmmm.

Anyway, my testimony of Joseph Smith has now been increased as I've seen how crazy people can get.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hyrum's quotes on his Seventh Birthday

Hyrum's birthday was yesterday, and you know what that means-quote time!

Hyrum's birthday was a bit low key, which I was worried about because he's been counting down to it for weeks. With a new baby, I wasn't about to have a party, but Grandma and Grandpa made it special. From chocolate chip pancakes to Grandma's home-made piƱata, it was a success.

And now for his quotes----(oh my goodness they are hilarious this year)

Hyrum "Can we go quading/" Papa "yes" Hyrum "Oh yah! Flippity Flop!"

"I have to get dressed fast because I don't think the kitty likes to see me naked."

"I didn't hurt you. YAH GOT THAT?"

"We need to go look for the big machine spider that's here because I wished for it on the wish flower (dandelion)."

Me: "Maxwell! stop squirting water or you are doing your job AND Hyrum's!" Hyrum---whispering to Maxwell "Squirt water Maxwell, come on, I know you want to squirt water."

Mumma "you can't see certain stars with the naked eye." Hyrum "we don't say naked in our family Mumma."---the funny thing is we say naked all the time!

Hyrum while repeating his verse of scripture for the night: "Nevertheless Alma laboured much in the spirit, wrestling with God in mighty prayer-----we're not supposed to wrestle during prayer!"

"Are you a teacher now daddy? You're wearing teacher glasses"

"magic is real. Jesus has magic."

"That was back when I was tiny. Way back when I was as tiny as an atom."

"I tried to show you my cuteness so you would let me"

Dad "You cut up the stuffed bunny? Never do that again" Hyrum "I will never cut up that stuffed bunny again."

Daniel "William is a bad baby." Hyrum " William is not bad. If he was bad, he would take a big knife and try to kill us all."

Hyrum "Maxwell, when I am ten, how old will you be?" Maxwell "12" Hyrum "Oh, man, I'll never be able to beat you up."

Daniel "What time is it?" Hyrum "It's about one o'clo---hey wait, are you trying to do a school clock with me? I'm not going to do school with you."

Daniel "Mumma, you're wrong." Hyrum "No, Mumma's right all the time." 

"Remember when I walked to and from the Peavoys by myself? I didn't die."

"I like to think because I have a big imagination."

Hyrum "can I disagree appropriately?" Me "of course." Hyrum "Can I go to the Peavoys?" Me "No. To disagree appropriately, you need to show that you understand how I feel and then say why you did what you did. If you said that you popped the bike tires so that someone wouldn't die, then I might let you go." Hyrum "Can I disagree appropriately?" Me "of course." Hyrum "I popped the tires so no one would die. Can I go now?"

"I can see atoms" Daniel "how" Hyrum "Easy, I just see a million dots."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The painless and easiest birth story of the century brings us Abraham McKay

I kind of feel like I cheated. Like I don't deserve a baby. A perfect, beautiful, healthy baby named Abraham Joshua Kostyniuk McKay weighing 8 lbs 9 ozs and 21 inches long that was born at 1:57 pm on the 12th of June 2014. The reason I feel like this is because it was all painless and very easy.

This is us an hour after birth:

Let's just say I don't have any photos that I would like to share with the world right after any of my other births.

My nurse that day (who was excellent) said, that one might think that the more children a woman has, the more confident and prepared she would feel about birth, but she has found quite the opposite. More then not, she finds the more births a woman has gone through, the more scared and anxious she is about birth.  I believe it.

I had a 100% natural birth at home (on purpose) with my first child. I felt like I went through a right of passage and ended up on top. I was a mother. I could do anything, and I did. And I would again. I intended to have my second 100% natural (but I was at a hospital because medicaid wouldn't fund a home birth.) It did start natural and great, but ended up in a prolapsed cord EMERGENCY cesarian which scared the heebie-jeebies out of me.

With the next two babies, I let go of the 100% natural-hear-me-roar attitude, had epidurals, and worried a great deal from beginning to end what the birth story would be. Worried if I would get to the hospital before my water broke (when your water brakes is when you can have a prolapsed cord,) worried what would happen on the way to the hospital (I live an hour away from a cesarian capable hospital), worried about the horrible inevitable pain, worried about nurses who want to rush you because you are not there on their time table, worried about the unknown.

 I was sick of worrying. The control freak side of me won. For Abraham I was going to be induced, and I was going to get an epidural, and everything was going to be perfect. The crazy thing is: that's exactly what happened. 

Of course, it seemed like it might not. A week before he as born, Abraham was transverse. They scheduled me for a cesarian in one week that could be turned into an induction if he had turned to head down. In that week, I knew he had turned, but I wasn't sure he was head down. It seemed like every day his head was in a new position but not head down.

When I went to the hospital after a week, the first thing I was told was "WE ARE SOOOO BUSY TODAY!!!" this is NOT what I wanted to hear. 

I started answering nurse's questions, signing forms, getting blood taken etc, then my doctor came in. He checked me, and the baby was HEAD DOWN! :) 

He said I was dilated to a four,and that my body seemed ready to have this baby, and that he could break my water, and I could have this baby anytime. 

However, all the proper beds were taken. And women were still pouring in, so it was too busy to start me right then, and if he started me later, then I would probably have this baby after my doctor went home, so I would get an unknown doctor.

My doctor was on call the next day, so if I came back, then I could take all the time I needed, and I wouldn't have to get blood taken again or fill out forms again because I am just "on leave" from the hospital. That felt right to me, so we decided to come back the next day.

While we were there we heard a woman in labor, and Dustin, my mom, and I kind of cringed at her moans, but then within minutes we heard a baby cry. I don't know why, but this made me feel so ready for this to happen. I was now mentally prepared. Even if I did have to go through pain.

I simply relaxed that day, calm in heart and mind, and went back the next.

At around 7:30 that morning my doctor broke my water. I was scared that I would start feeling pain right away, but that didn't happen. I went into the delivery room and they said that I could get an epidural and then they could start me on oxytocin. Wait-that means NO pain. I liked this plan.

It ended up that I did have to start low levels of oxytocin before I got an epidural because I was not on the anesthesiologist's list of priorities (with no labor pains, that certainly made sense.) but in the end, I swear I didn't feel anything beyond a braxton-hick like tightening. 

We had an afternoon of chatting with the nurse and my mom, with Dustin being a bit of a cheeky pill with everyone because he was in a impish mood and making us all laugh. 

I believe it was about noon by the time I had gotten the epidural and they kicked up the oxytocin levels, and two hours later, he came.

The pushing seemed to take five or ten minutes and was not really what I would call "labor." I didn't need one stitch, and there were absolutely no complications.

Abraham was completely covered in vernix, which was new to me, since all my babies have been over-due up to this point and came out all pink. But that didn't keep him from getting an apgar score of 9 and 9 since they don't give out tens.

Yep. The birth from perfection with no pain and all ease. However, all day we had been hearing other women having a not-so-painless births. Dustin kept saying how he felt like we were intruding on something so personal, and yet it was such a beautiful and honest sound with no pretences. Birth is such a miracle.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying everyone should get an inducement and an epidural and this world would be a happy, pain-free place. I have heard plenty of horror stories about both, and would caution anyone when making such important decisions. I knew my body could handle an inducement because I knew my body knew what it was doing with birth-business, and I waited until I was a 4 anyway. I knew an epidural was okay because I had had two already. (Although my epidural as a bit lop-sided, and I couldn't walk on one leg for a few hours after.)

Anyway, when the boys came, Abraham was wearing the hospital's hat that was pink and blue striped.  Hyrum scrunched up his nose and said "He looks like a girl." Haha. oh well. William was the most enamoured. (And still is.) he wants to hold the baby and cries when we take him away.

So far everyone is spoiling me, and recovery is going along very smoothly, and now we are getting used to having ALL of our family here. Finally the McKay family is complete (well, I'm 99% sure the McKay family is complete-but I guess you never know if another spirit will be headed our way.)

Here's a few more photos (if you were interested enough to read this REALLY long post, you deserve some more photos.)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daniel is FIVE! and his quotes

Daniel turned five today. I start really recording quotes when my kids turn four. Of course, some things I recorded before he was four:

My three year old, Daniel, is really baffled by this baby in my tummy. At first he would say "there's a baby in your belly button and a baby in my belly button" His brothers soon corrected him on this. But now he's saying "there's a baby in your belly, and a fishy in my belly and they will pop out our belly buttons. Boys don't have babies in their tummy."

me "I need a kiss from my prince charming" Daniel "I'm not prince charming, I'm Daniel" me "well, you'll be a prince charming someday to some girl" Daniel "No, I'm going to be a bat" Okay---

I just realized I hadn't taken the movies back to the library and exclaimed "OH Stink!" To which Daniel replied, "I don't stink. I'm not poopy" Oh boy.

And now for his Four Year Old Quotes:

Me "go put on your underwear" Daniel "I can't put them on" Me  "why" Daniel "because….it's raining"

Me "who made your bedroom such a mess?"  Daniel "Carrot the cat did it all."

Daniel-"Thank thee that Hyrum punched me so I could pull his hair. In the name of Jesus Christ amen."

"When I was a boy, I had some toys, but I was still a boy."

"This toy shovel went *POOF* and it was at the Sala's. Then it went *POOF* and it was at the Proffitts, and then it went *POOF* and it's HERE!"

Daniel "I want to be Jesus so I can fly in the clouds." Hyrum "No you should be an angel. You can't be Jesus. Then there would be two Jesuses." Daniel "Oh yah, Okay."

"It's sunday. I know 'cause I can see the sun"

Daniel "William's playing with the computer!" Mumma "William!" Daniel "He won't listen to you. William never listens to you mumma."

Mom "Do you know how cute you are?" Daniel "Yah, I'm super duper cute."

Mom "I love you up to the moon and around and around and back down to the ground." Daniel "I just love you. I can't go to the moon like that. I'm not an astronaut."

----Early in December-----Daniel "Mumma, is Santa real?" Mom "Well, St. Nicholas was a real person, but he lived and died a long time ago."---Christmas Eve---Mom "Go to bed and be good, or Santa won't come." Daniel "Santa is dead."-----Christmas morning----Daniel "Santa's alive again!!!!"

Daniel "Here Mumma, I made this for you for your birthday" Me "oh wow, little balls! Do you want to play with them?" Daniel "Yah, they're mine."

"Heavenly Father took my bad feeling away and gave me a good feeling."

"Sometimes I plug my nose and go under the water and it doesn't hurt because I have water eyes."

"Grandma and Grandpa will want to see my shining face. And my shining belly."

"I'm so little because I haven't eaten for three months."

"We need to stick Tristan's plug (aka binky) in his mouth so he won't bite us anymore."